Bruno de Almeida’s third album CINEMA IMAGINADO Volume 3 once again features a dynamic cast of musicians, including Graham Haynes, Ricardo Toscano, Mário Franco, Pedro Jóia. Mário Delgado, Óscar Graça, Gaspar Varela, José Salgueiro and others, especially assembled to navigate a sonic landscape that seamlessly morph between funk, jazz, fado, flamenco and poetry.

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Liner notes
Wait…what’s this? Voodoo? Santeria? One minute you’re out there, swimming in a scarlet sea of sameness. The next, you’re right here, about to perform an aural balancing act on a monster wave of cascading kilohertz, like some sort of sound surfista on top of the No. 7 from Flushing.
Hang on to your oscilloscope, compadre! The frequency’s gonna go all glitchy on you. In this fecund macrocosm, god is a feminine construct.
There’s no here without her. She’s in the driver’s seat of creation, burning galactic rubber at the speed of love, as she gives birth to entire nebulae of
ectoplasm with attitudes. You can always get a Theory of Everything bagel 24/7 on the sprawling avenues of her Alphabet City. And it comes
with a schmear of FunkoFadoItaloPsychoDisco. That – and a warm, acid jazz bath – is all you need to melt the consensus-reality monkey right off
your back. So come on in. The water’s fine. The velvet curtain for the latest chapter of this neon-realist audio film is about to magically rise.
Enjoy the show.

Frank Coelho


This album is dedicated to the memory of Leo De Niro Rodriguez (2004-2023)

Bruno de Almeida – Voice, guitars, bass, keyboards
Graham Haynes – Cornet, electronics
Ricardo Toscano – Alto sax
Mário Franco – Electric bass, double bass
Pedro Jóia – Acoustic guitar
Mário Delgado – Guitars
Óscar Graça – Piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards
Gaspar Varela – Portuguese guitar
Manuel João Vieira – Bandolin
Diogo Duque – Flute
Francesco Valente – Double bass
Paulo Jorge Ferreira – Electric bass
José Salgueiro – Drums
Íuri Oliveira – Percussion
Osvaldo Pegudo – Percussion
Carlos Mil-Homens – Percussion
DJ Madrugga – Turntables

All music and words by Bruno de Almeida
except “Monkey Time”, words by Bruno de Almeida
and music by Bruno de Almeida, Mário Delgado,
Mário Franco, Óscar Graça and José Salgueiro.

Produced by Bruno de Almeida
Associate producers: Mário Franco and Graham Haynes
Executive producer: Vanessa Alvarez

Mixed by João Pedreira at BA Music, March 2024.
Recorded by João Pedreira, Bernardo Estrela,
Tadeus Mascarenhas, assisted by Dário Soares,
between March 2023 and February 2024
at BA Music Studios (Lisboa), Putchiu (Lisboa),
Estúdios Valentim de Carvalho (Paço de Arcos),
Estúdio Casa das Máquinas (Salvador, Bahia).
Mastered by Miguel Pinheiro Marques
at Arda Recordings (Porto) in March 2024.
Music copyist: Eduardo Proença
Creative consultant: Frank Coelho
Publicist: João Macdonald
Cover photo by Camilo José Vergara

Special thanks:
PJ Ferreira and Jorge Simão da Hora
at Avantools, Francisco Vasconcelos
at Valentim de Carvalho, Sam the Kid,
and Annette Peacock.

A BA Music production
with the support of Fundação GDA
© Copyright BA Music 2024
℗ Publishing BA Music SPA 2024

All rights reserved